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One Page Business Website - Design and Hosting!
Your website is your signature. It says what kind of business-person you are. By letting a Professional Web Designer make your business website, you can be assured that the website works for you - not against you! An unattractive business website can result in lost income. Three powerful points to keep in mind when ordering a Website Design!  Your One Page Business Website will actually contain three pages; Index, Products&Services and Contact&Order.

CalifornianCosmetics - an example of a One Page Busienss Website

The Index page contain information about your company. Professionally made graphics, layout and navigation gives your company the best possible Web presence - way ahead your competitors! We can spice up your website with Java Special Effects and animations especially created for your Website!

The Products page gives information about your Products and/or Services. You can use a limited number of pictures of the products - perhaps presented by using powerful Java effects. When your business grows, we can help you out adding more advanced features like a database and a search function.

The Contact and Order page contains the order form and a contact form giving your clients a possibility to place an order online! If you wish to have a secure server, contact us for a quote!

The One Page Business Website above ( +2 more pages ) is for sale: $672U.S.D! Host your website at! For only $25/month youŽll get the benefits of having a Professional Web Designer as your Website Manager!

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