The program is available for download right here. It's zipped into a file that's 48kb.


A couple of instruments (in .FM1 format) are included in the zip-file. If you do some really nice sounds with the program, then please send them to me.

FM SOUND EXPLORER 1.0 is a program that lets you play with the FM-synth (OPL3/4) found on Soundblasters and AdLibs. It's not user-friendly or nice-looking in any way, but if you like playing and experimenting with sounds and music in general, this is the program for you.

The program supports all parameters of the AdLib FM-synth, loading and saving, MIDI-input and more. At last it's available for download. (I think the worst bugs are gone, but if the program acts very, very strange, then write to me). The MIDI-input is still a little bit 'buggy'... I can fix that on demand.

The documentation is also available here.