These are a couple of links to the very best AWE32 and computer music pages on the internet. These links won't disappoint you.

Live! center My own Soundblaster Live! site. Very big site, frequently updated with much information about the Live! and lots of fun stuff. If you're thinking of buying a Live!, check out the reviews and the comparisons to see if it's something for you!
AWE32/64/SB32 Home Page Jordan van Bergen's homepage for the AWE and Live! cards. Very much information and software here. AWE song of the week. Frequently updated.
AWE hot spot Swedish big AWE32 page with much information and files.
Björn Lynne's AWE32 music This is the best music I've ever heard made on only one AWE32. Visit his page, download some music and enjoy...
El Gran Achivo del SBK El Gran Achivo del SBK is a large collection of soundfont banks of good quality.
TOM - Torture Of Music Very good (and sometimes technical) page about the AWE cards, trackers and programming. Lots of useful stuff here! Home of the AMP (see programs page).
AWE32/64 user's homepage Creative Labs' link collection for the AWE cards. Quite a few here! No other material, though.
Pages of the naked truth A little bit outdated, but well worth reading. Technical information and fun features of the AWE32 card.
Creative Zone Creative Labs (the makers of the AWE cards) home page for multimedia products.
Harmony Central Not just an AWE32 page. A big resource for musicians, with news, information, notes, links and much more.
The AWE sampleboard Plenty of soundbanks here for the AWE32 and AWE64!
The YSYS Music Work Station homepage The homepage of a program for sequencing and realtime control of the AWE32. Good for techno and synth music. Realtime EMU8000 control, low system requirements and many features.

I can also recommend you to visit these commercial or non-AWE links:

Synth zone - One of the best resources for us who like synthesizers.

Tom's hardware guide - Technical about computers and hardware.

Sonido Media - producers of a.o. soundfont products for the soundblaster AWE family.

A couple of newsgroups that might be of interest: - big and interesting newsgroup about synths, computer music and such things. - also most synthesizers and computers. Good and quite crowded.

alt.binaries.sounds.midi - another newsgroup similar to those above.