Welcome to Lars Ahlzen's AWE32 page!


Welcome to Lars Ahlzen's AWE32 page! The last year, the page has not been updated very frequently, but I try to update the page once in a while. There's not a lot happening about the AWE32 nowadays, and I've bought a Soundblaster Live!, too - a wonderful card. You can check out my site, the Live! center, if you like. Still, especially the INFO page contains a lot of valuable tips and ideas for all kinds of musicians, whether you have a Soundblaster pro or an AWE64 gold.

What's new?
The latest additions and changes to these pages:
  • 981128 - Added some links and corrected some errors in the pages. Some AWE-news.
  • 980712 - Updated the page, removed and added certain things to the page. A.o. lots of news.
  • 980127 - Finally updated the page (a little) and cleaned it up a little. Some additional stuff on the INFO and NEWS page. Removed the ad banners on the pages.
  • 970804 - Added some nice JavaScript (works best with Netscape or IE4). A new Yamaha SY-1 soundbank too.
  • 970803 - Updated all the pages - more or less - actually. Music makers, check out the Sequencer secrets on the INFO page.

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If you've got suggestions about this page, any trouble or questions about the AWE cards or anything else on your mind, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail, to d98ahlz@dtek.chalmers.se.

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table of contents:
Main This page, with page news, words from the author and acknowledgements.
New What's new on these pages.
Songs My own songs for AWE32/AWE64 (or at least a few of them...). A part of my own production. Each song contains MIDI file and soundfont bank.
Soundfonts Soundfont banks (.sf2, .sbk) by me for download. Only high quality sounds here. You can use these as much as you like in your songs.
Programs My own programs and utilities for the Soundblaster 16 and AWE32/64 cards, as well as all other wonderful AWE software you can't live without!
News AWE32/64 news from all around the world. Your way to keep yourself updated!
Tips My big page with lots of things you want to know to make your AWE card more fun and useful. The beginners guide to the AWE cards, Sequencer secrets, and much more.
Links Carefully selected links to good AWE32/64 pages on the internet that won't disappoint you.
the Cal page The Cakewalk Application Language page. You should really check this out if you're using Cakewalk for sequencing.

I would like to thank the following people:
Kent Hedenbrandt For lending me his Roland E86 and keeping his eyes and ears open... Linus Andersson The man with the speakers... Thanx for correcting spelling mistakes in the page and listening to my terrible music without saying a bad word about it - that's strong! Linus "Voltas" Valtersson The author of the famous mr Lego!! Says it all, doesn't it? Roland Brandt You've really got a wonderful studio, and thanks for lending me all that stuff! Per Eriksson Thanks (?) for giving me zillions of complaints about my pages. Are they really that bad?? Anders Claesson For the 17" monitor among other things. CU in Gothenburg! Mattias Ringblom The Tecno-Remix-Speaker man... And all the people I've forgotten...