What's going on in the AWE world?

  • nov 98 - The YSYS Music Work Station
    The YSYS music work station is a new program especially developed for the AWE cards. The following is quoted from one of the authors:
    The YSYS Music Work Station is a very good applikation for the AWE cards. At this moment it's still in german but we´re working on it. Direct response to the emu8000, so every thing you do happens in REALTIME and is live. Great for live techno and all other computer generated musik, and you don`t need any powermachine. We have tested on a 486 and it worked. Graphics was a little slow, but the sound was without any problem.
    More information at http://www.ysys.de.
  • sep 98 - I buy Live!
    Yes, it's true. I have upgraded from my good old AWE32 to a brand new Soundblaster Live! (the full version with lots of digital inputs and outputs and stuff). That's a really cool sound card, which is PCI, far more powerful than the Live! and makes much less noise. I'm so happy with the card that I'd really recommend you to upgrade. The value version, which has all the necessary features, is not expensive, and it's a huge difference between it and the AWE32. If you want more information, and some reviews, audio examples and comparisons, please visit the Live! center, which is my new Soundblaster Live! site.
  • jul 98 - Soundblaster LIVE!
    Creative Labs are developing a new soundcard, the Soundblaster Live! right now, which will be out in the shops at the end of the summer 1998. It will be a really cool soundcard for games, with a VERY powerful digital signal processor, and support for lots of independent speakers, as well as Dolby Digital Surround and good music capabilities. I'm really looking forward to trying one of these! The technique for realistic sound in games is called 'Environmental Audio'. Read more about it at www.soundblaster.com
  • jul 98 - Soundblaster competitor?
    Terasound 128 is a new soundcard from former Creative Labs employees with 64 hardware and 64 software voices, PCI bus and a very attractive price. A threat to the Soundblaster series? Manufacturer: Intresource.
  • jul 98 - Reality
    Cool!! At last I've been able to try the very nice piece of software Reality. Reality is a very powerful software synthesizer that works only with Creative Labs' soundcards. I was really impressed on some of the sounds, and by the complexity and the many possibilities with the program. It worked really good on my Pentium 225 and a Soundblaster AWE32 card, even together with a sequencer (Cakewalk). Recommended (although it costs almost as much as a hardware synthesizer). Info at Seer Systems
  • jun 98 - AWE64 rumours confirmed!
    Creative Labs have released the AWE64 PCI version. At least that comes as a relief to me, as the ISA bus is soon expected to be 'dead', and waveform-data transfers can be quite slow with the ISA AWE32/64 cards. I haven't tried these cards, but I suppose that they'll use less processor time as well, which will probably make them more suitable for hard disk recording also. More info at www.soundblaster.com
  • jan 98 - Some AWE64 rumours...
    I heard some rumours that there will be a PCI version of the AWE64 soon. I can't confirm them right now, but when I know it i'll write more about it.
  • sep 97 - Reality!
    (this isn't really a piece of news, because the product has been out for a while - but anyway...) Reality is a new software driven synthesizer that is supposed to run on all genuine soundblaster cards, including the AWE32 and AWE64. It's extremely flexible and powerful, and can use several types of synthesis, like Wavetable, Subtractive (with basic waveforms), FM, WaveGuide, Physical modeling and more. You can mix them as you like. It's also several software effects built-in. The more powerful computer you have, the more polyphony you'll get.
    I haven't tested it, but their demo CD sounds very good and interesting, and the reviews aren't bad.
    For more info and a FAQ, look at http://www.seersystems.com/pages/realfaq.html.
  • aug 97 - More sample CD:s
    A company called Sonidomedia have recently released new CD:s with Soundfonts for AWE cards. There's a Piano and Organ CD, and a Synths CD will come soon. For more information, the address is http://www.sonidomedia.com.