software you need...

[this part is always under construction...]

AWE32 Win95 drivers
The latest AWE32 drivers from Creative Labs. For Windows 95. A.o. DirectX support and some bugfixes.
about 300k

AMP 1.11 for Win95
AMP 2.11
AWE32 Mod player. Plays .MOD files using the AWE32 hardware. Add reverb, chorus and equlizing as you like! Almost no processor usage. For Dos or Windows 95. Very good!
110k (win), 60k (dos)

Cool Edit 96
One of the very best shareware wave (.wav) editors and converters for Windows95. A must for the serious musician.

AWE Virtual bank manager
Virtual Bankmanager 96. The application that does everything from soundfont editing to AWE32 effect handling, and in a very intuitive way too. You'd better at least try it...

Impulse tracker
One of the few trackers that has native AWE32 support, which means better sound and less processor usage.

A very good, nice looking (with skins) and rich of features .MP3 player for Win95/98. Nice user interface and plug in support for visualization and decoding.

MPEG layer 3 encoder
An MPEG layer 3 encoder for DOS, slow though. Use this if you want to create your own .MP3s.

AWEPlay v1.11
Lets you play AWE32 MIDI files with soundbanks without having to load the soundfont bank in the control panel. Very handy.

and last but not least, my own software:

A program that creates short waveforms with a controllable amount of harmonics, that can be looped and synthesized in Vienna or a similar program. see .sbk and .sf2 for examples.
For more info, see the WaveGen page.

FM Sound Explorer
This program lets you explore all the parameters of the FM-synth chip on the soundcard, and play with your new sounds. Also handy for programmers. For more info, see the FM Sound Explorer page.

A program that works with any soundblaster 16 compatible sound card. It displays the sound coming into your sound card on the screen in a rather nice way. For info and screenshots, see the WaveDisplay page.