Always on my mind Pet Shop Boys 62 kb
Being boring Pet Shop Boys 109 kb
Crockett's theme Jan Hammer 62 kb
Must have been love Roxette 37 kb
Jönssonligan for all you Swedes... 12 kb
Dawn'97 (non-techno) by me 258 kb
Fun! (techno) by me 154 kb
Total (techno) by me 110 kb
Techno3 by me 190 kb

These songs can be played with any windows sequencer or e.g. the media player (if you've got an AWE card that is, of course). Just use the AWE Control panel and load the attached .sbk or .sf2 file as user bank #1. Then load the MIDI (.mid) file into the media player or any sequencer to play it. It is as simple as that!

Good old modules...
I set up my old Amiga 500+, and found some very old - but kinda cool - modules that I made years ago. Don't expect anything, they're just here for fun, but you're welcome to download them if you wish... And because there's such a good module player for the AWE32, go to the programs page and download AMP for windows. (I haven't got any good names for the modules, so if you've got any suggestions then mail them to me!)
Module 2093k
Module 2372k
Module 30114k

For more AWE32 songs, see the LINKS page for more places with good songs.