If you want to see (or hear) what WaveGen is up to, then here are some examples, soundbanks and songs that you can download if you've got an AWE32/64:

  • WaveGen demo sbk
    (the soundbank that comes with the program)

  • Another example sbk.
    (many good sounds, e.g. basses and pads). This zip-archive also comes with an example .MID file (the model / kraftwerk!).

WaveGen 1.4


To this date, I've only written a couple of programs especially for the AWE32. One is called WaveGen, and the current version is 1.4

The program is used to make basic waveforms (short loops) for the AWE32 that could be synthesized in a lot of ways. With the program, you can descide how much overtones there will be in the loop (a kind of additive synthesis). Finally you'll save it as a .WAV file, and load it into e.g. Vienna or Esbeekay to let the AWE32 do the rest of the work. New in v1.4 is a.o. morph-mode, basic waveforms with variable pulsewidth and more.
The zip file includes:
  • The program itself, version 1.4 (for PC)
  • Documentation
  • Example WAVs
  • Example SBK and demo MIDI-sequence
  • All of this in less than 30 kb!!

If you'd like to read the documentation, here it is.